Help Save Eagle River

The Friends of Eagle River are working to help protect this river, and the forests that surround it, from devastating logging, development and water use practices. Eagle River flows through the heart of so many of us in this community and it needs YOUR support and action now. Please join us in the struggle to preserve this cherished piece of our natural heritage.

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Map of Proposed Greenway Corridor

Map of Proposed Greenway Corridor


This is a map of the Greenway Corridor along the Eagle River...this plan was developed by FoER after open consultation with the local runs from the powerhouse to the dam roughly following boundaries created
by existing logging roads...the width varies from 50-175 metres...this would provide wildlife with an unobstructed passageway between the ocean and the wild(er) areas above the would also leave the impression of wilderness for all of us who visit the river. Although we are asking for precious little in the whole corporate scheme of things, we are insisting on more than a so-called buffer...buffers are an illusion and serve no meaningful purpose other than to create the impression that everything is, you know, fine.

Island Timberlands owns much of the land along the river...for two years now they have been ready to log...while we have slowed their march towards the water's edge, they plan on returning in the Spring to do what they do best...for visual evidence of their logging practices just scroll down this page and look at the snaps of Horseshoe River...or take a drive towards Saltery Bay...or maybe a hike in the back country.

The community has strongly stated that they do not want the forest along the river harmed...ultimately this may become a debate for lawyers...or it may mean some tough decisions for all of us.

Stillwater Bluffs is also under Island Timberland's umbrella...we have decided to join those who oppose the destruction of that wondrous landmark...FoER has worked long and diligently to persuade this company to respect our community’s wishes by preserving the Greenway Corridor and the Bluffs in perpetuity...but frankly we haven't much hope without your strong and continued support...your voices count...your voices have kept those trees standing for the past two years...nice goin'.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Public Meeting a success!

an estimated 80 folks came out to last nights event at the Community Living Place for a great talk by
WCWC's Ken Wu and people were very moved and upset to see the FOER slideshow that for some, was the first site of
the devastation at Horseshoe River.

Many ideas were suggested, hopefully people will follow through
because it's NOW OR NEVER
with Eagle River and StillWater Bluffs

Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Friends of Eagle River, Sierra Club and the Council of Canadians
present a public meeting and presentation by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee

Community Living Place
6831 Artaban St

Our local jobs and quality of life are seriously threatened
by the BC governments Forest Land give-away!

Come learn how our public lands have been given to logging companies (privatized) and what we can do to stop the export of our local jobs and devastation of our beloved landmarks!

The Powell Forest Canoe Route
(including Horseshoe lake and river)
Eagle river
Stillwater Bluffs
Sunshine Coast Trail
The Myrtle Creek Watershed
and Millennium Park
are some of the areas that we are set to lose

Hear how communities on Vancouver Island have united to protect their local forests and watersheds with a moratorium on
sales of forest lands.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Every Sunday the Friends of Eagle River go hiking into the bush south of town and we welcome you to join us!

We meet at the pull-off on the northeast side of the bridge above Eagle River at the Stillwater Main logging road and depart from there at 10am sharp! Presently we alternate between trips to the clear cuts up around Horseshoe Lake and areas that are threatened by such activities like Eagle River and Stillwater Bluffs. It’s a good opportunity to not only get some fresh air but to actually see what is happening in our forests.

10am – Hwy 101 @ Stillwater main
What to bring.

1. Some sort of transportation to the departure point and beyond.
2. Sturdy foot wear
3. Water and snacks
4. Always a clever idea to carry rain gear
5. First Aid kit.
6. A sense of humour...and indignation.

Some of the places we visit require travel along logging roads
and some of the places we walk can be slippery...
so, please remember that you are doing so at your own risk.

To RSVP and more info call:
ANDY @ 487.0245

Eagle river (film) at PR film fest FRIDAY

Eagle River Jewel of the Sunshine Coast
film screening at the Powell River Film Festival
Friday 3:30pm
with "River of Life"

Evergreen theatre
top floor of the Powell River Recreation Complex.
5001 Joyce Ave