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The Friends of Eagle River are working to help protect this river, and the forests that surround it, from devastating logging, development and water use practices. Eagle River flows through the heart of so many of us in this community and it needs YOUR support and action now. Please join us in the struggle to preserve this cherished piece of our natural heritage.

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Map of Proposed Greenway Corridor

Map of Proposed Greenway Corridor


This is a map of the Greenway Corridor along the Eagle River...this plan was developed by FoER after open consultation with the local runs from the powerhouse to the dam roughly following boundaries created
by existing logging roads...the width varies from 50-175 metres...this would provide wildlife with an unobstructed passageway between the ocean and the wild(er) areas above the would also leave the impression of wilderness for all of us who visit the river. Although we are asking for precious little in the whole corporate scheme of things, we are insisting on more than a so-called buffer...buffers are an illusion and serve no meaningful purpose other than to create the impression that everything is, you know, fine.

Island Timberlands owns much of the land along the river...for two years now they have been ready to log...while we have slowed their march towards the water's edge, they plan on returning in the Spring to do what they do best...for visual evidence of their logging practices just scroll down this page and look at the snaps of Horseshoe River...or take a drive towards Saltery Bay...or maybe a hike in the back country.

The community has strongly stated that they do not want the forest along the river harmed...ultimately this may become a debate for lawyers...or it may mean some tough decisions for all of us.

Stillwater Bluffs is also under Island Timberland's umbrella...we have decided to join those who oppose the destruction of that wondrous landmark...FoER has worked long and diligently to persuade this company to respect our community’s wishes by preserving the Greenway Corridor and the Bluffs in perpetuity...but frankly we haven't much hope without your strong and continued support...your voices count...your voices have kept those trees standing for the past two years...nice goin'.

Monday, December 17, 2007

the sound of deforestation

It was a sad sight.
Kevin, Ayden (seen above), and I were appalled to see the devestation.
We found falling boundary tape on the Sunshine Coast trail, within the proposed "greenway corridor" that would protect steep eroding banks (gravel cliffs), wild life corridors and any hope for a nice trail!

It is inspiring to see how committed the locals are, but it's gonna take more than half a dozen people to save this place. 
We urge anyone who likes hiking, swimming, salmon and trees... to phone, write, email, fax, whatever - speak truth to power!

Island Timberlands is destroying our community!
and our river!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Area "C" Larion Dec. 2007 Mail Leaflet.


When Brascan in Toronto purchased Weyerhaeuser it was announced that ISLAND TIMBERLANDS would be created as a REAL ESTATE COMPANY to own and operate the former private lands. The Tree Farm Lands would go to Cascadia and that company has now been taken over by Western Forest Products. This was historic in area "c" as the private lands had always been managed as if they were in the TFL. Here we now have a large mature forest area in the hands of a private company, which can act on their property in the same manner as you and I can in ours.. The lands are not under the direction of the Provincial Government, and certainly not in the local Government.
Once Island Timberlands decided to log next to pools of Eagle River, I was asked to become involved by the Friends Of Eagle River Society. The concern was how close to the riverbanks would the logging occur, and how much more logging would take place along the river. For awhile afterwards I understood that IT and the Society had an agreement to communicate with eachother on logging operations, but this broke down recently and I was asked to step in and try to help. Meantime, in the last year or so, IT had applied for a subdevision of the Olympic Log Sort and some properties to the east. The Regional Board had no problems with it as the blocks were large and the purpose was to assist with ownership issues. But we did expect beach access and the proposal did not provide a good solution. It wasn't satisfactory to the Approving Officer either. The board didn't rccommend a revised application either. It is important to note that Lot 3040, which includes the STILLWATER BLUFFS , was not a part of the subdivision.
My help has consisted of meeting with key people of the Area and then arranging to meet with Mr. Darshan Sihota, Pres. of Island Timberlands. My meeting with him lasted over an hour and we mainly diccussed some long term answers to a number of issues his Company is facing as a CORPORATE CITIZEN in area "C". We have agreed to meet again and at some point I can only hope ther will be some proposals to work with. Hopefully, we can air the matters at a public gathering. In the meantime it isn't my position to make announcements on behalf of Island Timberlands.
Just for the record- I'm not opposed to logging. I am concerned when logging could take place in recognized enviromentally sensitive areas or other areas of outstanding community concern.

If you are equally interested in these issues you should contact local leaders in the areas of concern. I don't recommend you wait for me to come up with all the answers. I'm trying to provide support and pave the way with the regional board for some long term solutions. Island Timberlands has to work with it's neighbors and the neighbors need to have positive suggestions.

Colin s. Palmer
Director, Area C